Agency Endowment Funds

If you’re concerned about sustainability in the future not just viability now, an endowment is an important way to realize that vision.  With increasing needs for services of nonprofit organizations and fewer sources of support, endowment building becomes critically important for future stability and growth. Creating an endowment sends a positive message to donors that your organization is achieving a key measure of financial stability and will fulfill its mission for years to come.

An Agency Endowment at the Community Foundation gives you a simple and efficient way to build an income for your nonprofit organization. Our experienced staff can help you develop planned giving programs and assist with investment management and administrative details. There are many reasons why nonprofits choose the Community Foundation to handle their endowments. With endowments housed here, we eliminate the need for individual nonprofits to create an investment policy and monitor investments, as well as helping them handle more complex gifts such as closely held stock or gifts of real estate.

An Agency Fund is a safe and simple way for your nonprofit organization to establish an endowment. Your donors can be sure that the endowed fund’s principal will not be spent and can grow over time, providing a source of lasting support. And the Community Foundation’s economies of scale provide your organization the benefits of a diverse investment portfolio and low investment fees that typically come only with very large funds.

Your organization’s regular donors can leave a bequest through the Community Foundation to benefit your organization forever and create a personal legacy. The Community Foundation can facilitate even the most complex planned gifts or gifts of appreciated stock or real estate. We handle investment management and the administrative responsibilities related to endowment so that your organization’s staff and volunteer hours are concentrated on fulfilling your mission.