An Anniversary Project: Wishes for the Community

In keeping with the theme of the Foundation's Anniversary Grant Program Making Your Wish, staff and board are asking community members at 2017 Foundation Wish Grant events to anonymously wrote down their individual wishes for Greeley and Weld County. This community listening exercise is our way of documenting the kinds of issues that are on the minds of Weld County community members during the Foundation's 20th Anniversary year.

These wishes are being collected for general purposes only. Due to their anonymous nature, we regretfully can not respond to each community member's wish individually. However, many of our existing programs are likely to be focused on addressing posted wishes. In addition, these wishes serve as a resource for new donors who are trying to decide how best to focus their endowment so that it has the greatest possible community benefit.

To date, more than 425 cards have been returned and residents wishes cover a wide range of focus areas. Click on the links below to see all of the responses collected to date.

Are you interested in sharing your wish with us? A list of events that are hosting our community wish board can be found here. You can also email the Foundation at using the subject line: My wish for the community is. . .