Becoming a Donor

The Community Foundation is a collection of funds each tied to a unique charitable purpose with the common theme of benefiting the Weld County region.

Individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit organizations consider an endowed fund for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the motivation, starting a fund at the Community Foundation does not require a great deal of wealth and is easy to accomplish.

Families and Donor-Advised Fund

Opening a Donor-Advised Fund allows your family to make a gift to the Community Foundation, then remain actively involved in suggesting uses for your gift. It provides a convenient and flexible tool for families who want to be personally involved in suggesting grant awards made possible by their fund. Families with a range of community interests find that its an ideal vehicle for fulfilling their charitable wishes.

Donor-Advised Funds are typically less costly and easier to administer than other forms of philanthropic giving (such as private foundations). They also offer these benefits:

  • You can establish a charitable legacy in the name of your family.
  • Your gift can be combined with others to increase impact in areas you care about most.
  • Your family knows that your gift will be carefully invested and managed via our proven stewardship practices.
  • You are eligible to receive maximum tax benefits.
  • Your gift can generate the long-term advantages of endowment funding — principal from your gift can be invested, not spent; investment income is then used to make annual grants to nonprofit agencies and programs.
  • Your family can establish a fund today and make grant recommendations now or in the future.