Centennial Society

The Centennial Society was inaugurated in 2006 by the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. It is a means to recognize and thank those people who share the Foundation’s vision of building permanent charitable capital, and who have affirmed that vision by making a planned gift to the Community Foundation. Their gift will benefit the community into perpetuity.

Those who are willing to share their estate plans with the Foundation are honored through their membership. Society members will be invited to attend thank you events for donors and will be recognized in published rosters of the members, thereby serving to encourage others to consider planned gifts. Members may remain anonymous if they desire.

If you are in the process of making or revising your estate plan, please consider making a gift for this community’s future through the Community Foundation.The steps to take to become a member of the Centennial Society are as follows:

  • Make a planned or deferred gift in any amount to the Community Foundation.  There are many possible methods for making a gift, either during your lifetime or through your estate.  (Your legal or financial advisor can help you evaluate the best options for you.)
  • Provide the Community Foundation with a copy of that portion of your estate planning document pertaining to the gift.
  • Sign a Statement of Gift Intention form for the Centennial Society.