Directory of Grant Funds

The Community Foundation manages grants which fund activities in the arts, education, women's initiatives and more. For more information and applications related to a grant that may interest you, scroll through the list below:


Arts Alive! Organizational Grants 

Grants to support special interest projects in the visual, performing and literary arts, specifically for non-operational purposes. The 2017 deadline for applications has passed.


Arts Alive! Individual Achievement Grants

Grants to support emerging artists in Weld County take the next step in their artistic development. Individual Achievement grants will not be available in 2017.

Click here to read about Individual Achievement Grant recipient Geoffrey Sauer, a jewelry maker from Milliken.


Boettcher Fund Capital Grants 

Boettcher Fund capital grants are funds provided toward the purchase, construction or major renovation of a building to be owned and used by a qualified Weld County, Colorado nonprofit organization. Organizations that have received funding from the Boettcher Foundation in Denver are not eligible to apply to the Community Foundation for the same project. The 2017 deadline for applications has passed. 


W.D. Farr Endowment Fund Grants

The Greeley Rotary W. D. Farr Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation welcomes applications and considers grant requests up to $2,500 for the benefit of the youth of Greeley, Colorado. The W.D. Farr Endowment Fund supports programs in the Greeley area that enhance: a) the quality of life, b) youth projects, c) K-12 education projects.  The 2018 deadline for applications is January 31, 2018.

Click here for the online grant application.


Littler Youth Fund Grants

The Community Foundation Littler Youth Fund considers grant requests from non-profit organizations for the benefit of youth programs/projects in Weld County.  
The Spring 2018 deadline for applications is February 12, 2018. 

Click here for the online grant application.

Click here to read a story about one of the grant recipients, Weld Food Bank's backpack program.


Littler Youth Fund Teacher Mini-Grants 

Grants to aid in the development of effective teaching strategies and projects by Weld County teachers. Grants will be awarded to teachers who encourage and support experiential learning, enhance student understanding and increase student achievement. In the interest of fairness, the Community Foundation instituted a “two-year rule” requiring that a project which receives funding for two successive years must take one year off before reapplying. The 2017 deadline for applications has passed.

To view a list of recipients for the 2016 distribution, click here

Norm and Marty Noe Family Leadership Incentive Grants

Grants to provide assistance for Weld County youth to attend leadership and other development programs. No funding available at this time. Please check back in 2018. 


Howard E. Smith Family Collaboration Grant

This grant program awards funds to qualified nonprofit organizations that make the greatest positive impact possible in Weld County.  It looks for efforts that bring groups together to address community needs in unique ways and through working together. The 2017 deadline for applications has passed. 

Click here to watch the video about Project Illumination of Weld County, a 2013 Smith Family Collaboration grant recipient.


Windsor Community Foundation Fund Grants

Nonprofit organizations serving the Windsor and Severance areas are encouraged to apply for grant funding through the Windsor Community Foundation. For 2017, the Windsor Community Foundation will award grants of up to $2,500 to nonprofit organizations that are located in or serving the Windsor/Severance area. The 2017 deadline for applications has passed.

Click here to learn more about the Windsor Community Foundation.


Women's Fund of Weld County

Funding priority is focused on programming for girls and women and their economic self-sufficiency and self-esteem. Within that priority, the Women's Fund concentrates its funding in two strategic areas: girls' futures; and girls' and women's education, employment, training, and self-development. The 2017 deadline for applications has passed. 

Click here to learn more about the Women's Fund of Weld County.