Identifying Charitable Opportunities

Identifying charitable opportunities is dependent upon the sensitivity of professionals like you who work closely with valued clients. Significant opportunities arise when clients are making major business, personal and financial decisions. For example:

  • Year-end tax planning presents an immediate need to determine the most deserving charity for a deductible donation.
  • Estate planning identifies significant taxes going to the IRS, but your client wants to direct dollars for local benefit.
  • Your client is concerned about running out of money during his/her lifetime, but wishes to continue charitable practices.
  • Your client is thinking about establishing a private foundation, but is looking for a more cost-efficient and simple method.
  • Your client's personal net worth is primarily tied up in a closely held company, but he/she desires to give back to the community.
  • Your client owns highly appreciated stock in a company that is about to be acquired.
  • Your client is passionate about helping to meet a specific community need, and wants to make a meaningful gift.
  • Your client wants to leave his/her estate to community and family, and has substantial assets in retirement accounts.

Our staff can work with you and your clients to recommend the best charitable solutions for specific individual considerations.