Investment Management

The overriding investment goals of the Community Foundation are to produce a strong and growing level of income in order to provide current funding for the Foundation’s various programs and to generate capital appreciation to maintain the purchasing power of the Foundation’s assets over time considering the effects of inflation. Our investment approach provides a buffer against inevitable downturns in the stock and bond markets, allowing us to continue meaningful granting even during recessionary times.

Our investment program benefits from the expertise of a highly-qualified Investment Committee who meets quarterly to review our portfolio. They evaluate our fund managers’ performance relative to benchmarks and report investment performance to the Foundation’s Board. The Investment Committee is comprised of community members including local attorneys, bankers and business professionals. The Community Foundation has an investment policy that includes asset allocation guidelines, a spending policy and criteria for measuring investment performance. The Community Foundation’s funds are professionally managed by Denver Investments under the expertise and review of our Investment Committee.

A Statement of Investment Policy was adopted by the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation to define the investment policy of the Foundation.  It is intended to be a guide to the Investment Committee and the officers and directors of the Foundation as well as to provide public information to donors and others who may be interested in the Foundation’s investment policy and practices.  At least one member of the Community Foundation Board of Directors serves on the Investment Committee.

Investment Policy

Charitable Investment Partnerships

Through our Charitable Investment Partnership Policy, your assets can be managed outside of the Community Foundation’s investment pool. The assets become the property of the Community Foundation. Nevertheless, we retain your professional advisor as the investment manager and the funds are invested under the Foundation’s Investment Policy, with periodic performance review.

Charitable Investment Partnership Policy

Management and Investment of Your Fund

Our goal is to increase dollars available for grantmaking while ensuring that your fund’s balance grows over time.

The Community Foundation investment program benefits from the expertise of a volunteer Investment Committee. All committee members are informed about our investment strategy, market trends, current issues and meet regularly to review our portfolio.  They evaluate the performance of our fund manager, Denver Investments, relative to benchmarks and report investment performance to the Foundation’s Board.  You can be assured that the management and investment of your fund(s) is in very capable hands.

Service and Investment/Custodial Fees 

The Community Foundation’s Board is committed to complete transparency. We disclose all fees associated with the investment and management of your fund.

The Community Foundation assesses a monthly service fee on all funds. This fee helps defray the administrative costs associated with managing your fund and providing top quality donor services.

Special Project and Pass-Through Fund Fee Structure

  • Retain interest earnings as a fee.
  • Assess 3% fee on incoming gifts to the fund with an annual minimum fee of $100.00.
  • Other fees may be charged for projects that require out-of-the-ordinary staff attention or recordkeeping.

Component Funds Fee Structure                                                          

  • Unrestricted Funds - 1.50% annually
  • Field of Interest - 1.65% annually
  • Donor Advised, Scholarship Funds - 1.75% annually
  • Designated and Agency Funds - 1.40% annually
  • Charitable Gift Annuity - 1% annually

 * Minimum annual fees of $150 per year.

Investment Fees 

In addition to the above fees, each fund will proportionately share in investment and custodial bank costs which are tiered based asset allocation.

For assistance, contact us by email at or 970-304-9970.