Arts Alive! Funds Innovative Jewelry Maker

Examples of jewelry by Geoffrey Sauer using metal clayWeld County is privileged to have a diverse array of artists living in its communities. Among these, is Milliken sculptor and jewelry designer Geoffrey Sauer. Sauer creates beautiful pieces out of metal clay --- small particles of metal that are flexibly bonded in an organic material. Metal clay can be made using a specialized, though expensive, 3D printer. Once it is formed, it is fired by kiln into a pure, metal object.  

While he was a student at the University of Northern Colorado, Sauer became enamored with how metal clay could be used to craft jewelry. He knew that the material was the key to his development as an artist, but his access to a 3D printer and kiln at the University would end with graduation. An Arts Alive! Individual grant allowed him to continue his work by funding the purchase of the equipment for his home studio.  

The Arts Alive! Fund was established in 2001at the Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County to support special interest projects in the visual, performing and literary arts. In 2008, a component of the grant program was structured to focus on individuals looking to take the next step in their artistic development.  Since that time, grants to nonprofit organizations and grants to individual artists have alternated on a year-by-year basis.

The results of Sauer’s funding were consistent with the mission of the Arts Alive! program. “It has made an incredibly positive impact on my artistic ability,” said Sauer. “I’ve been a sculptor for most of my career, but the options that metal clay brought to the table have allowed me to branch out in new ways. The ability to continue using the material after graduation has been a game changer for my art.”

Grant that Funded the Program: Arts Alive! Fund Individual Artist Achievement Grant

Amount Funded: $3,000

Funding Dates: August 2014 to July 2016

Program Structure: Provides grants to individuals artists to promote the enhancement of their artistic endeavors.

Applications for funding through the 2017 program, which funds Arts-focused organizations, are now available. Click here to view a description of the grant program and the 2017 application.