Bright by Three Gives Children a Stronger Start

Parenting is challenging. While families are the key to early childhood development, they often need support to be at their best. United Way of Weld County’s Bright by Three program works to help Weld County families. In thirteen months, they visited 700 Weld County families with children from birth to three years of age.

Bright By Three’s visits make a difference. Visitors are compassionate, constructive listeners in times of stress. They also serve as a gateway to Weld County resources for school readiness, early childhood care, supportive parenting networks, and developmental support. In addition, visitors provide information on health and safety, childhood brain development, creating a positive learning environment, supportive discipline, and developmental milestones.

Bright by Three’s staff members were excited to positively impact families but they wanted to do more. In 2016, the program received grant funding from the Windsor Community Foundation, an affiliate fund of the Community Foundation Serving Greeley and Weld County, which allowed them to extend their services into the Windsor/Severance area.

Volunteers conducted visits at Clearview Library following story times, and the Windsor Recreation Center’s Preschool Open Gym. In addition, outreach to Our Lady of the Valley Church, and a texting program called Bright by Text, provided several referrals for area home visits. In addition, staff also developed introductions that opened the door to future participation with other area programs.

The new participants who are being reached are enthusiastic about what the program has to offer. One mother in Windsor with a baby, a preschooler with special needs, and an elementary aged child had recently moved from Larimer County and were beginning to enter the Windsor School System. Their volunteer was able to help them connect with their new school district, and provide information about area activities that could accommodate all of her children despite their range of ages.  The mother was excited by the connections and resources the volunteer provided.

Grant that funded the program:  Windsor Community Foundation Grant

Amount of grant funds given to the program: $1,000

Funding dates: March 2016 to May 2017

Program impact: The grant funding allowed United Way of Weld County’s Bright By Three program to increase area awareness and increase support and connections with other area organizations that had similar missions.The program positively impacted those who received visits. One told her home visitor "I had no idea this would be so informative! l was expecting a couple books, but this is great!"