Community Foundation’s Boettcher Capital Grant Supports Community Center at the New Rec Center in Eaton

In 2015, as part of its ongoing effort to support the health and wellness of Eaton residents, the Eaton Area Park and Recreation District began construction on a 66,000 – square-foot state-of-the- art recreation center. Part of this build included the development of a new meeting space, bringing residents together for events and fostering learning and community engagement.

When the Recreation District needed funds to support this part of the build, they turned to the Community Foundation’s Boettcher Capital Grant program and were awarded a $10,000 grant.  The new Community Center greatly enhances the overall usefulness of the facility and is in keeping with the building’s design aesthetic. The center features three large multipurpose community rooms, each attached to a west-facing outdoor patio featuring views of Longs Peak and the rest of the Front Range. Each room has built-in, state-of-the-art audio/visual features and 70-inch televisions; the main ballroom area features a large projector screen.

This new space will provide a significantly needed opportunity for residents to gather for celebrations, milestones and other events that facilitate community cohesion, a sense of belonging and active lifestyles.

The center officially opened in July of 2017. Immediately, it provided a significant improvement in the quality of facilities in the area, promoted daily physical exercise for residents, and fostered a sense of community. The highly energy efficient building is designed to reflect Eaton's agricultural heritage, drawing inspiration from the town's original train station and sugar factory designs, complementing other buildings in the area such as the Eaton Public Library.

Already the facility is well used. Hundreds of community members attended the opening celebration and the facility has been busy since that time. Officials anticipate that it will become a mainstay of the Eaton community, keeping residents healthy and connected for years into the future.

Grant that funded the program: Boettcher Capital Grant Program

Amount of grant funds given to the program: $10,000

Program impact: The new space enables the community to gather for large and small events, from birthday parties and meetings to weddings and receptions.  The upgrade of the audio/visual equipment provides a great opportunity for a number of uses including but not limited to classes, presentations, celebrations, community meetings, youth programming, and trainings. The additional funds have made the community area a nicer space that meets the needs of the residents for community gathering activities and events.