Rand M. Thoughts: Listening

We listen, and we understand. We listen, and we are warned. We listen, and we are entertained. We listen, and we are inspired. We listen, and we communicate better.

It’s such a vital part of our lives. Some are better at it than others, and we tend to admire those who seem to do it well. It really is quite a skill, isn’t it?

Not as many of us like the listening thing because the talking part is much easier, and honestly, we tend to do the things that are easiest. Maybe the talking is easier because it’s generally about “me” and the listening is about “you.” Talking about ourselves is fairly simple. However, really, truly listening? That’s harder.  Especially when we’re “listening” to someone with whom we fervently disagree. That’s especially difficult. In fact, in those circumstances, there’s probably not much actual listening truly taking place.

But then there’s that old proverb that says: “The wise learn by listening.” We do become better people when we do more listening. Part of that might be because of the simple self-discipline of slowing the pace of life, being still, observing, gathering information, nalyzing data. Less noise. More listening.

We do hope we’re good listeners at the Community Foundation. Our purpose is to listen to what the needs are in our communities. We want to hear what our non-profit partners are saying about the issues they are facing.

We want to listen to our donors. What is important to you and why? What are your philanthropic goals and how may we assist you to accomplish them, now or later?

We would enjoy hearing from you. . . and listening.