Nonprofit Endowment Challenge

Congratulations to the three recipients of 2018 Endowment Challenge funds. They are:

  • Greeley Area Habitat for Humanity
  • Salida del Sol Academy Foundation
  • Senior Resource Services

About the Nonprofit Endowment Challenge

The Nonprofit Endowment Challenge program encourages Weld County non-profit organizations to secure their future by establishing or adding to an existing endowment fund with the Community Foundation. As part of the program, the Foundation will provide a match of $10,000 for each selected organization. 

The minimum amount to open an endowment fund at the Community Foundation is $20,000 which can include the Foundation match or the Foundation match can be an additional $10,000 for any amount above $10,000 that the agency invests. All endowment funds generated through the Nonprofit Endowment Challenge will be managed by us and placed into a permanent, named fund for the organization.

The Challenge is open to: 

  • Nonprofit [501(c)(3)] organizations in Weld County. Preference will be given to those which have been in existence for a minimum of three years. 
  • Preference will be also given to organizations who wish to establish their first organizational endowment, but the match is also open to those who have an existing endowment under the Community Foundation management and who wish to further build their fund.

Profile of an Endowment Challenge Winner 

During the 2016 Profiles Luncheon program, Community Foundation President and CEO Rand E. Morgan announced the recipient of the 2016 Endowment Challenge: Poudre Learning Center Foundation Inc.  

Ray Tschillard from the Poudre Learning Center (PLC) accepted the award and the challenge to raise $10,000. Mr. Tschillard is seen at the event with PLC Foundation Inc. President Dan Austin and PLC Board Member Dick Bond.

Within just a few months, on February 14th, 2017, PLC met their challenge and funds were matched by the Community Foundation so that the endowment could be initiatited. Staff and board at the Foundation look forward to seeing the good that this endowment can do for Weld County communities.