Notes from 2015 scholarship recipients


"I am grateful for all of the donors who have helped me on my journey. They have given to me so that I can fulfill my dreams. They have changed my life.” 

Ernan Torrez, Deason Scholarship, and Fort Lupton Community Scholarship Recipient


“I want to thank you for not only helping me keep my eye on the prize but reaffirming that people care and want others to succeed. You are a blessing and you are all angels and I am going to be more than I ever dreamed because of people just like you. From the bottom of my heart I hope you share my gratitude.”

-Jean Meyer Martin Continuing Ed. and John K. Jerome Family Scholarship Recipient


“Thank you for making a positive difference in my life. Thank you for giving me an opportunity that I would not have received if not awarded this scholarship. You making a difference in my life makes me strive to do the same for someone else someday.”

-Mildred Hansen Scholarship Recipient


“It means the world to me to be receiving this scholarship. I don’t think I could ever say thank you enough times in order to express just how much this means to me. By receiving this scholarship, my dreams are that much closer to coming true.”

-Deason Scholarship Recipient